Our most exciting weekend yet!

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Our Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Pilot Program has launched

On Sunday, September 15, the eight nurses and one social worker participating in Nursing for All’s Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program met in Monrovia for the first time. Over the course of one packed day, they shared visions for their communities, developed tools to evaluate their programs, and discussed how they could support each other in the challenging months ahead.

Each participant also met with Nursing for All one-one-one to review their program’s schedule, budget, and evaluation tools. It was an amazing opportunity for us to get to know participating nurses better!

We’re proud to introduce our pilot’s participants:

Pate Chon, working in the King Gray Community of Monrovia
Aaron Debah, working in Ganta, Liberia
Delkontee King, working in the King Gray Community of Monrovia
Cecelia Morris, working in Paynesville, Monrovia
Sophie Reeves, working in the VOA Community of Monrovia
Annette Toegbaye, working in the VOA Community of Monrovia
Shelly Wright, working in the West Point Community of Monrovia
Solomon Yah, working in Ganta, Liberia
G. Clinton Zeantoe, working in Ganta, Liberia

Our participants are rolling out their programs now! Please click on “Initiatives” to learn more about who they are and the programs they’re running.

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