G. Clinton Zeantoe

Clinton has been a nurse since 2007. After practicing bedside nursing, he decided to transition to nursing education to increase impact. He received an MS in Nursing Education and now teaches Pharmacology and Tropical and Communicable Diseases at the Winifred J. Harley School of Nursing’s Campus in Ganta, Liberia.

Hand Hygiene in Ganta 

Clinton and Solomon together installed a new water system at the Tufiae Foundation’s Child-Care School, the preschool in Ganta, Liberia, which Clinton’s children attend. They also provided students, faculty and staff with information about proper hand hygiene and good preparation. The principal of the Tufiae School stated that absences due to illness have dropped since Clinton and Solomon began their initiative. Since the Trufiae School, Clinton, Solomon and Adolphus have provided the same programming and materials for over one dozen local schools in Ganta.