Aaron Debah

Aaron is a mental health clinician as well as a nurse. He received his Bachelor’s in Nursing from United Methodist University and his certification in mental health from the Carter Center Mental Health Program. Aaron was inspired to go into nursing because by health problems he had as a child, which piqued his interest in healthy living.

Gabriel Tounzea

Gabrial Tounzea is a 2015 graduate of the Carter Center Mental Health Program and a 2012 graduate of United Methodist University’s Winifred J. Harley School of Nursing.

Mental Health in Ganta

Aaron and Gabriel operate a mental health clinic with approximately 100 patients in conjunction with United Methodist University in Ganta, which provides them a space, free of charge. At this clinic, they diagnose and treat neurological and psychiatric illness. In addition, they oversee a small staff of community health workers who conduct home visits for their patients. Aaron also runs group educational and therapeutic sessions for people struggling with mental illness and their caregivers. Lastly, Aaron has a Sunday night mental health radio show on the local station, Voice of Gompa.